And so I flow, And so ‘We’ flow

My genesis can be questioned by none, that is for sure. But my existence can be threatened by many. I keep meandering on my way like a yogi dancing his way to reach the ultimate truth-finding new meanings dwelling inside him with every difficult turn on his way. At each turn i am tried and tested. I am the reason behind joys and sorrows. I have the strength to touch the divinity that exists in the souls that come to me for blessings. I also have to muster the strength to touch the darker holes and the pain that riddle a soul. They come to me with the belief that I can purify their souls and take them to the ultimate truth. But the truth is that I am also searching for the same ultimate beauty. I am a home to many, but i seek the ultimate refuge that will fill me with divine joy. At times I am silent and still while I ponder over the course I have travelled so far. Sometimes I am so much filled with joy at the thought of meeting the ultimate that I dance my way to the final meeting point. And filled with joy I go on creating my own music. Finally, the moment comes when I get assimilated into the ultimate ocean of joy. I realise during the course of my assimilation that my little joyful waves were now contributing to the divine and mighty waves of the ocean. Many other friends join me during the assimilation. We realise our essence constitutes the ultimate essence of the divine ocean. We realise that the joy we feel at that moment is nothing different from the joy of the journey- the essence was always there within us all. ‘We’ define the essence that ultimately defines the absolute truth. It is just an extension of the divinity within us that explains the divinity of the ocean. And we are filled with love for the divinity that is present in all of us.

It is always in each of us and so I realise- I will continue to flow, And so ‘We’ will continue to flow. 


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